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Wholebeing Health- International Homeopath 

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Homeopathy - Bach Flower Remedies - Gem therapies and more 

Are you looking for alternative ways to keep your family healthy?

For a variety of reasons, more and more families are seeking other ways of keeping themselves and their loved ones well. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the Internet - this is is easier than ever! I help families around New Zealand and worldwide to safely, gently, and easily manage many illnesses and ailments at home. I'm passionate about helping families empower themselves and take back control of their own health and wellbeing. It is easier than you think!

Some basic knowledge of Homeopathy (which I offer via online courses) and a basic homeopathic remedy kit is all you need to start. 

I'd like to share an experience I had a few months ago. 

I recently had to visit a place I haven’t been - thankfully - for a very long time. The Emergency Department at our local hospital. My daughter had an unusual dizzy spell and fainted, and while I’m a Homeopath and treat most things myself, I do know my limits and know when additional medical expertise is required.

It was after 9pm on a Thursday night when we got there, and I was shocked at the number of babies and toddlers there. Children get sick - we all know that - but the shocking thing was they all looked like they had the same thing wrong with them - a high fever.

Now, I remember way back, being a new parent and having no homeopathic training or remedies, and my baby son developed a very high temperature. I didn’t know what to do and I panicked and raced him to my local medical centre. I remember the fear and anxiety that something was badly wrong with my precious child and I just wanted him better - NOW!

When he was a little older and I had begun my Homeopathic training, I soon learnt what remedies to use and when - and he never had to go back to an Emergency Room for an illness again (accidents, yes - but that’s another story for another day!).

Looking at all those babies and toddlers with their red, flushed faces, dilated pupils and glassy eyes, I was so tempted to reach into my emergency homeopathic kit I’d brought with me, and give them all a dose of Belladonna. Of course I couldn’t - but watched on uncomfortably as the minutes turned to hours and these babies looked very unwell, with their parents wide-eyed and anxious holding them.

One by one they were sent home with infant paracetamol.

It got me thinking - if only they knew about the basic homeopathic first-aid remedies! The stress and anxiety they’d be spared, not to mention expense and lack of sleep (some of these little ones were still there when we finally left at 3am).

Now, of course Homeopathy has its limits, and there are times when additional medical assistance is vital. But knowing the basics, treating issues as they present and before they escalate, is kinder on the parent and the child, and avoids many unnecessary interventions and medications.

Knowledge really is power - I feel incredibly blessed firstly to know about Homeopathy (many people haven’t heard of it or really know what it is), and secondly knowing how to use it.

You don’t need to do a four year degree to know how to effectively use Homeopathy at home. A basic kit of 10 remedies and an easy to use book explaining how and when to use them, is all that’s required.

The 10 remedies I recommend having in a home kit - in 30c potency - are:





Nux Vom




Hepar Sulph

Rhus Tox

Book a New Zealand Health Care Package with me today and receive your free mini 10 homeopathic remedy kit to get you started. 

Book your NZ Health Care Package here 

New Zealand Health Care Package

The NZ Health Care Package costs $355 can be made up of:

1x Chronic Consultation (value $175.00)

1x Follow-up Consultation (value $120.00)

1x Acute Consultation (value $60.00)

and get a free mini 10 remedy homeopathic first aid kit (worth $40)


Six Acute appointments (value $360) and get a free mini 10 remedy homeopathic first aid kit (worth $40). 

Acute appointments are suitable for short-term issues such as coughs, colds, accidents, UTI's, stomach bugs, short-term anxiety, fever, childhood illnesses etc.

Each package option is valid for one year. Remedies included (postage/courier fees additional). 

Payment plans are available