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Homeopathy for Pregnancy 

Homeopathy is safe to use throughout pregnancy - from preconception, throughout pregnancy, during and after labour, and postpartum (the 4th Trimester).

Homeopathic remedies are not harmful to the growing baby and are safe to use whilst breastfeeding.

Individualised Pregnancy Coaching

Pre-conception and pregnancy is a vital time in a woman's life. Optimal health and wellbeing are essential not just for herself, but for her growing baby.  I offer women Homeopathic Coaching to support them on their journey to Motherhood - whether it's the first baby or the tenth!

Every woman has different needs. 

I tailor make a package that suits you, your partner, and your family's requirements. 

These can include:

-  Couples consultations for preconception support

- Pregnancy illness support: (for nausea, heartburn, sciatica, constipation, insomnia etc)

- Planning for birth and post labour support: Homeopathic remedy guidance for birth partner and Mum-to-be

- Post-partum support: Homeopathic guidance for any postpartum issues including physical issues,  postpartum depression etc

- Well Baby:  Guidance and support for common baby complaints such as nappy rash, reflux, teething, colic, etc