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Booking an appointment is confirmation that you agree with the terms set out here.

You agree that you have sought my help of your own free will and initiative.

You accept these terms and conditions to cover the entire duration of the engagement you have with me in supporting your main health concern.

You confirm that you make an appointment in good faith and that you have the ability to accept or reject this care of your own free will and choice and are mentally competent to enter into this agreement.

You acknowledge that you are not representing an agency (private, governmental or otherwise) attempting to gather information without so stating [ie. you are not a reporter posing as a patient.]

You understand the charges are to be paid on receipt of the invoice unless specific prior arrangements have been made or there is no charge.

You understand that you will be charged for any appointment that is missed, cancelled or rescheduled with less than 12 hours notice.

You will ensure that any photos or videos you send during video consultations will not show nudity of private parts of the body of adults or children.

You understand that I am a Homeopath practicing from New Zealand and must therefore adhere to legal obligations, rules and guidelines set out in this country.

Important: You consent to me holding records and personal information/disclosures that include any information you send & disclosures you make during appointments


Kirsty Richards is not a medical doctor, She will not engage in medical diagnosis nor prescribe without an appropriate consultation.

The relationship Kirsty has with her clients is based on equality and team work; where the client is knowledgeable about their health situation and Kirsty is knowledgeable about the Homeopathic process.

The Homeopathic consult is an exchange of information in order to facilitate the assessment of the client’s situation and start the homeopathic process to support and encourage healing.

Homeopathy does not ‘treat’ an ‘illness label’ instead it serves the whole person by supporting and stimulating their body’s natural ability to heal and to regain balance in health and in the process of doing so the symptoms experienced may be shed.

Working towards health by using Homeopathy involves a process of individual awareness and growth, which values and encourages a person’s active participation and responsibility.

Kirsty values the importance of medical diagnostics and communication between all modalities in order to best serve the client.

Homeopathy does not replace conventional medical practices and in case of concerns, ongoing health issues or an emergency you should always seek the opinion of your doctor or visit your local Hospital’s A & E department promptly.

It is advised you continue any treatment or medicine you are already receiving from other modalities/ practitioners as usual. Do not discontinue your treatments without consulting your doctor first.

Serious injury or illness should not be treated without expert advice and diagnosis, nor should the information provided here be seen as a replacement for a consultation with a trusted and qualified healthcare provider.

Kirsty retains the right and responsibility to refuse consultation in the event where the client's situation is beyond her level of expertise or scope of practice and in order to secure safety in practice for the client as well as herself.

It is your responsibility to seek medical help and diagnosis when appropriate and to communicate with all providers about the modalities and treatments you choose to be involved in your care.

All remedy-related information provided by Wholebeing Health and Kirsty Richards is drawn from homeopathic pharmacopoeias and Materia Medica referenced worldwide.

Any case examples or testimonials represented by Wholebeing Health and Kirsty Richards are representations of individual experiences. At no time should these be interpreted as Homeopathic advice in your personal situation.

Successful Homeopathic application is based on the individual match of symptom picture and remedy in each situation. Therefore if you experience health problems and wish to use Homeopathic applications you are advised to seek the professional opinion of a qualified Homeopath to assist you in remedy choice.

Kirsty Richards does not take any responsibility for any harm or injury resulting from homeopathic application without the appropriate advice of a Qualified Homeopathic practitioner.